UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group receives two World Star 2017 awards

The company UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group has received two awards from the international competition of the World Packaging Organization World Star 2017. The jury evaluated packaging samples from more than 200 leading manufacturers from around the world. Experts judged the quality of the material, design, and the originality of performance of the submitted samples and identified the best. Packaging samples for Bon Chance by TM Svitoch and Ceresit construction mixture by TM Henkel have been chosen as the winners in the category Food and Other.

The package for the Ceresit construction mixture was designed with a comfortable carrying handle, providing sealing and protection. The sleek design features a blue and gray color, with special reflective paint. The packaging for Bon Chance sweets features a two-way design with a new brand trend promoting customer loyalty. Upon every unwrapping of one of the sweets, the sweet tooth discovers a new different interesting historical fact within the wrapping. A unique technology eliminates the contact of the product with ink and ensures the safety of the consumer. All packaging of UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group is environmentally safe and can be completely disposed of after its use. Both of the above packages are new patented developments of the company.

Irina Mirochnik, the president of UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group has noted that the victory in the competition confirms the compliance of the company with respect to industry trends worldwide. “Today packaging is required in almost all spheres of life. A global trend is gaining momentum, the Scandinavian approach to packaging, one that exhibits maximum environmental friendliness and minimalism. We are pleased that our products are a part of this world trend as we move forward ", - noted Irina Mirochnik.

Let’s recall that UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group has represented Ukraine at the World Packaging Organization (WPO) since 1998. The awards received by the company this year mark the 21st victory in a row of the company at the international competition World Star, which is a world record.

More information is available on the WPO website:


Reference: UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group is Eastern Europe’s largest manufacturer of flexible packaging materials for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. It is among the top 20 European companies of its profile. The company was founded in 1927. UKRPLASTIC - Immer Group supplies flexible packaging materials and packaging to companies in Ukraine, other CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe, and South Africa.

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